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  • Pretty In Pink


    Assortment of pretty pink shades hand tied and ready for a vase (or optional add on). Please note, we will use the shown color scheme and design, the exact flower varieties used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product.

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  • Seasonal Bundle of Fresh Flowers


    Seasonal local PEONIES! Assorted hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers, ready for your vase (or purchase as an add on!)  

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  • She’s No Longer Silent



    ‘She’s No Longer Silent’ is a collection of stories written by women; raw and honest experiences, shared in hopes of inspiring and breaking stigma, specifically around mental health, trauma, and being silenced.

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  • Spirit


    Bromeliad Aechmea in a white ceramic pot. Low maintenance and long lasting. Care instructions are provided with purchase.

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  • StarSeed


    12″ x 48″ abstract acrylic on canvas by Mandy

    Depth and divinity, special wisdom born from the stars

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  • Strawberry Daquiri Orchid


    Spectacular mini phalaenopsis orchid artistically arranged with strawberry accents!     All our orchids and succulents are locally grown. Low maintenance (a care card is included with the purchase).

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  • Summer Succulents – NEW!


    Assorted selection of beautiful, strong succulent varieties strategically arranged with moss and river rocks in a glass quadrilateral. Long lasting, low maintenance, the perfect piece for summer.

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  • Sunset Meridian


    Miniature white phalaenopsis with dried sunflowers, eucalyptus, straw flowers and moss. This one is sure to impress, and has a small footprint for easy placement anywhere in the home or workplace.  

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  • Sweet Succulents


    Assorted succulents in a ceramic rectangle

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  • the age of aquarius


    20″ x 16″ abstract acrylic

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  • Thinking of You Vase


    The perfect gesture:) fresh flowers in a vase. Please note, we will use the shown color scheme, vase and design, the exact flower varieties used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product at the time of order.

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  • Tropical Tango – Bromeliad- NEW!


    A beautiful bromeliad:) Beautiful, bold, low maintenance, long lasting bromeliad in a ceramic pot.

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  • Westcoast Vibes; Potted Echeveria


    Low maintenance and long lasting echeveria with westcoast accents. Lovely potted addition to any space!    

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  • Wrist Corsage


    please note- you will not receive the exact image shown. we use the freshest and heartiest product available at the time of purchase. please comment any specifications and/or preferences for colors or flower types; we will do our best but make no guarantees. thank you for your trust and faith in our creations and we…

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