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  • Goddess – feminine floral


    Goddess bouquet. Seasonal feminine floral display. For a goddess in your life! All our creations are custom and made fresh per order so you will not receive the image shown. Similar design and colour palette will be used with the freshest available seasonal flowers in flowy feminine tones. Fit for a goddess! The perfect gift!…

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  • Golden Pothos; Botanical Art


    Lovely, long lasting, artistic and easy to maintain. Natures perfection:)  

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  • Gorgeous Dried Wreath – All Season


    This fabulous wreath combines dried lavender, hydrangea, branches, willows, and eucalyptus. A door wreath is a beautiful symbol of hospitality, good luck, and celebration. In many cultures, the circular shape of a wreath represents everlasting life, unity, and the cycle of seasons. It’s also a way to honor the natural world. Gorgeous!

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  • HoneySuckle


    Warm orange and yellow tones with complimentary greens and accents, artistically displayed in a vase. Please note, we will use the shown color scheme and design, the exact flower varieties used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product.

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  • Immaculate Collection


    Assorted hand tied bouquet of whites and greens, ready for your vase (or purchase as an add on!)

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  • leave it to me cut flowers: Bright & Seasonal



    Let us work our magick and design something beautiful with fresh local blooms, guaranteed to put a smile.

    Please note, this is a designer’s choice option and we will create something to the best of our ability, however, the exact flower varieties and colours used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product; as per the designer’s choice!

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  • Limon Creme Brulee- Phaleanopsis Orchid


    Locally grown, lime phaleanopsis orchid artistically designed and adorned in a clear vase with accents- GORGEOUS. UNIQUE. LONG LASTING.

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  • Loving Thoughts & Positive Vibes: Designer’s Choice Fresh Floral Bouquet


    Seasonal blooms, lovingly composed in a fresh floral bouquet. This is a designers choice option and we will create a beautiful bouquet with our freshest blooms at the time of your order. Feel free to please include any preferences in terms of colors or flowers and we will do our best to incorporate into the…

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  • met·a·mor·phose


    30″ x 40″ abstract acrylic on canvas metamorphose – “to change or cause to change” evolution. inspiration. growth.

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  • Mimosa



    Please note, we will use the shown color scheme and design, the exact flower varieties used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product. Guaranteed to brighten the day!


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  • Mini Succulent Terrarium


    This is an adorable little gift or decor item, perfect for summer!

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  • Mini Takeout


    miniature take out box with seasonal flowers and complimentary foliage’s. so cute! please select a first and second color choice for box and flowers. based on availability at the time of order, and because all of our designs are custom- your arrangement will be a designers choice arrangement and may vary from the image shown!

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  • Open Casket Spray


    As all designs are custom, you will not receive the image shown here, rather this is a reflection of size and style. Your open casket spray will be lovingly arranged with care and attention to detail. Please provide instruction for color palette and any special requests. Thank you for your trust and your flowers will…

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  • Peacock


    Fabulous miniature white phalaenopsis orchid, succulents, dried eucalyptus, moss, and  blue accents. Long lasting. Low maintenance. Unique and artistic.

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  • Peony Garden To Go


    A dense posy of fresh flowers in a vase starring PEONIES! These gorgeous flowers look unbelievable when they open, and are only in season for a couple short months. Enjoy them while they’re here! Exact varieties, shades and flowers will vary from image shown to ensure you’re receiving the freshest possible product at time of…

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