Duffels For Dudes! 

"Did you know that addiction has been referenced as the modern day plague of our time? It is abundant here in Vancouver and a leading factor in the struggle of poverty, homelessness and loneliness.  It is an often painful existence endured by many."   I think we are all in some way touched and effected by addiction and mental illness, struggles to life in this day and age. 

More Info on Duffels For Dudes HERE

But it is actually this simple!
1. Gather up your old duffel or gym bags, fanny packs, murses, (even a reuseable grocery shopping bag will do the trick!)

2. Fill it up with mens SOCKS, underwear, toiletries, condoms, wet wipes, gum, candy or packaged store bought snacks, drinks or giftcards. Feel free to get creative and add anything you deem appropriate or awesome; personal notes were a pretty nice touch with the purses. 

3.  Bring your full duffel into Plush anytime before June 15th so that we can hand deliver them to men in need for Men's Health Awareness month in June.

Expand. Inspire. Be Bold.