Community outreach programs—quarterly and every second month (on average)! The basic idea is to make giving easy; to provide a space for basic conversation and action around the sad and problematic situations in our society, in our neighboring communities, that we often turn a blind eye to.

Typically, I ask for basic toiletries, warm gloves, hats and clean socks and underwear, easy no prep snacks and treats. Including ‘ Holiday Stockings’ where a stocking is provided from Plush for you to fill, ‘Project Purse’ where I ask you to fill an old purse with similar items to be distributed to women for Valentines Day, and ‘Duffels for Dudes’ where I ask you to fill a backpack or more masculine or gender neutral reusable pack of some sort, with similar items. These are gifted to the marginalized people in our nearby communities in hopes of creating connection and hopefully spreading a little love and joy.

About Our Current Project

project purse; spreading healthy love to women for valentine’s day…

Project Purse is an annual initiative where we pair with East Van Inc to collect your used purses filled with tampons, as well as feminine and oral hygiene items, as well as other little treats and basics.

These items can include the following: (suggestions only! Feel free to add or get creative!)
Tampons, hand sanitizer, wet wipes, floss, masks, toothbrush, lip balm, gum, soft milk chocolate, condoms, gloves, toques etc).

Bring your filled purses in before Feb 12 (Mon-Sat between 11am-1pm).

Let’s spread healthy love to these women this Valentines Day.

With much gratitude…xo

thank you for your generosity and contribution…

the most recent Christmas stockings was a major success, where approximately 400 stockings were gifted to residents of the downtown eastside on Christmas eve. If you were a part of this amazing community effort, thank you so very much!

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Past Projects

Duffles for Dudes, 2017