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  • Abundant Harvest; Autumn Wreath


    This hand made autumn wreath is representative of abundance and harvest (also in a spiritual metaphoric sense!). Symbolic of changing seasons and time, and fertility, the cycle of life, the shades and textures of this autumn wreath adorning your door will make you happy every time you walk through it!!!

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  • Custom Orchid; Fuschia


    Gorgeous fuschia phaleanopsis orchid artistically designed. Unique, long lasting, fabulous display. Please note that this is a custom piece, meaning you will not recieve the image shown, but a custom, authentic design created specifically for you, using gorgeous fuschia phaleanopsis orchids and accents. “Boost” your arrangement to increase the budget, and comment for any requests…

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  • Dozen Quicksand Rose Bouquet with Accents


    Dozen stunning champagne rose bouquet dressed up with gorgeous complimentary accents, filler flowers, and foilages.

    These champagne coloured petals slowly unfurl to bring out an incredibly voluptuous flower. The quicksand rose is a modern update on a pure white bouquet.

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  • Gerbera Trio


    Available in various colours! Gerberas hand-tied with with seasonally available filler and bear grass looped as our signature touch

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  • Peony Petite


    A colourful bouquet flush with peonies and supporting stars such as roses, gerberas, and seasonal greens. Exact varieties of flowers may vary to ensure you’re receiving the freshest possible product.

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  • Ruby Red Peonies


    PEONIES! A seasonal favorite! Exact colors used may vary at  time of the order to ensure highest quality and freshest blooms.

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  • Sunset Meridian


    A towering cascade of warm tropical tones. This one is sure to impress, and has a small footprint for easy placement anywhere in the home or workplace. Exact varieties of flowers used will vary from the photo to ensure you’re ordering the freshest product. The overall composition, colour, and value will remain the same.

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