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  • Custom Orchid; Fuschia


    Gorgeous fuschia phaleanopsis orchid artistically designed. Unique, long lasting, fabulous display. Please note that this is a custom piece, meaning you will not recieve the image shown, but a custom, authentic design created specifically for you, using gorgeous fuschia phaleanopsis orchids and accents. “Boost” your arrangement to increase the budget, and comment for any requests…

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  • Goddess – feminine floral


    Goddess bouquet. Seasonal feminine floral display. For a goddess in your life! All our creations are custom and made fresh per order so you will not receive the image shown. Similar design and colour palette will be used with the freshest available seasonal flowers in flowy feminine tones. Fit for a goddess! The perfect gift!…

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  • hand made earrings


    Local artisan, unique design, these are simple, light weight and super cute earrings!

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  • leave it to me cut flowers: Bright & Seasonal



    Let us work our magick and design something beautiful with fresh local blooms, guaranteed to put a smile.

    Please note, this is a designer’s choice option and we will create something to the best of our ability, however, the exact flower varieties and colours used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product; as per the designer’s choice!

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  • Playa Blanca; Dozen White Roses in a vase


    Fresh, white, ‘playa blanca’ roses, communicating one true love. This is a stunning arrangement and a statement Valentine’s gift, symbolizing true love. All designs are custom and your arrangement will replicate the pallete and design shown, using fresh flowers at the time of your order. (You will not recieve this exact bouquet and blooms will…

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  • Seasonal Bundle of Fresh Flowers


    Assorted hand tied bouquet of fresh flowers, designers choice, ready for your vase (or purchase as an add on!) Seasonal local blooms; bright assortment or fresh flowers as per the choice and discretion of designer! (YOU ARE NOT ORDERING THE IMAGE HERE!!!!) Thank you for your trust in my creativity!

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  • Take Out Box: Flowers To Go! (How cute AND PRACTICAL! is THIS!)


    Basically the perfect gift or way to spice up a space ! (Easy and Affordable!) Remember to specify color preference! Please note, design will be similar to the image, the exact flower varieties used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product, as well work within your color palette.

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  • Up Beat Vibes; Cut Flowers


    Let me use my creativity to build you a custom and upbeat fresh floral bouquet. Assorted hand tied bouquet of fresh cut flowers, designers choice, ready for your vase (or purchase as an add on!) (Display Image is not what you will receive; I will do something for you with what we have fresh in…

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