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  • Enchanted Lavendar; Cool Water Roses


    Gorgeous purple roses with complimentary accents. Purple roses signify true love and love at first sight. Associated with mysticism, romance and enchantment. Please note, we will use the shown color scheme and design, the exact filler and foilage varieties used will vary to ensure the highest quality and freshness of product.    

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  • Gal-entines


    The sweetest idea for the amazing gal pals that make it all worthwhile! This is a designers choice option, so you will not receive the image shown, but a beautiful, local, seasonal creation by yours truly, spilling with beauty and love! XO

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  • Half Dozen Pink Floyd Rose bouquet with accents


    Seductive, hot, playful and unique; Pink Floyd Roses. Half dozen hot pink roses arranged with complimentary accents and fillers. Stunning. Unique. Alluring. As all our designs are custom and made to order, your bouquet will be fresh and unique. Thank you for your creative license and your business! Dont forget to add your instagram handle…

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  • Half Dozen White Rose Bouquet with Accents


    White Roses – pure, forever love, innocence, intricate beauty.


    Half dozen white ‘escimo’ rose bouquet dressed up with gorgeous complimentary accents, filler flowers, and foilages.

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  • hand made earrings


    Local artisan, unique design, these are simple, light weight and super cute earrings!

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  • Juicy- NEW!!!


    Tulips and other bold spring essentials with aqua accents!

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  • Playa Blanca; Dozen White Roses in a vase


    Fresh, white, ‘playa blanca’ roses, communicating one true love. This is a stunning arrangement and a statement Valentine’s gift, symbolizing true love. All designs are custom and your arrangement will replicate the pallete and design shown, using fresh flowers at the time of your order. (You will not recieve this exact bouquet and blooms will…

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  • Romance; Half Dozen Red Roses


    Classic, romantic, luxurious half dozen red roses; screaming passion and love! Filler flowers and accents may vary from the image shown to reflect highest quality at time of order. ‘Boost’ means to increase the size and value of the arrangement.

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  • Sexy & Sultry, Dozen Pink Floyd Roses


    Seductive, hot, playful and unique; Pink Floyd Roses.   Dozen hot pink roses with complimentary accents and foilages.

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