Mini Holly Wreath

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Mini holly wreath! 

“Since ancient times, holly has played a part in medicine and magic, science and superstition, and legend and lore, all around the world. Many of our Christmas customs originate from the practises and beliefs of the druids, an order of priests, teachers, philosophers, and astronomers of ancient Britain Gaul. The Druid’s believed that the sun never deserted the holly tree and therefore the holly was a sacred plant. It was their custom to decorate the inside of their dwelling places with evergreens in which the woodland spirits would take refuge from the vigors of winter. Holly has long been symbolic of Christmas. The romans used holly to decorate their houses, temples, and deities for saturnalia and the mid winter feast. They exchanged holly boughs as symbols of goodwill and friendship. This practise is considered the forerunner of hollys use in Christmas celebrations. “