COMING SOON.... duffles for dudes......

Did you know that addiction has been referenced as the modern day plague of our time? 

By getting out of yourself you actually take a couple of steps back into yourself. It is EASY to give back and reach out to the community around you, to show support and in return feel supported. INTRODUCING DUFFELS FOR DUDES! and you know the drill! The basics are the same!

This time we are hitting the MEN! 

The basics are the same as we have done with Xmas Stockings /Project Purse! This time we will reach out to the MEN!

1. Gather up your old duffel or gym bags, fanny packs, murses, (even a reuseable grocery shopping bag will do the trick!)

2. Fill it up with mens SOCKS, underwear, toiletries, condoms, wet wipes, gum, candy or packaged store bought snacks, drinks or giftcards. Feel free to get creative and add anything you deem appropriate or awesome; personal notes were a pretty nice touch with the purses. 

3.  Bring your full duffel into Plush anytime before June 15th so that we can hand deliver them to men in need for Men's Health Awareness month in June.

Project Purse. 

On Feb 13th, we hand delivered 700 (ish) purses to women working and living in shelters and on the streets of the downtown east side. Thank you for your involvement. See below for what we asked you to do! (The results were heart touching and way more then what I had anticipated - HUGE HUGE THANKS AGAIN!) We live in a wonderful community! (read more here) 

(below is what we asked you to do!...) 
 just in time for Valentine's Day. 

Gather your old and gently used purses (murses, or handbag type vessels) and fill them with toiletries and personal essentials - similar to the stocking idea - warm gloves, hats, socks, tampons and pads,deoderant, toothbrush and paste, lipbalms, no prep snackies - bars and candies etc - feel free to get creative and add giftcards or other fun items that you think would be appreciated - add a personal note - 
have some fun with it. 

I will offer a 10% off your next purchase card at plush (holiday exempt) when you bring in your full purse .... 

WHO? YOU! and tell some others! share this email! 
WHAT? Project Purse; spreadin some healthy love for Valentine's Day
WHERE? bring your full purse in to plush so we can distribute to women working on the dtes this winter
WHEN? anytime up until feb 12 @ 4 PM
WHY? Why Not!:) -- DID I MENTION 10% OFF YOUR NEXT PURCHASE AT PLUSH (holiday exempt) when you bring in your full purse? 


Clothing Drive for WISH (empowering women's health) 

We continue to collect gently used women's clothing, shoes, blankets, and accessories and this year are donating to WISH foundation; another fabulous organization on the DTES supporting women and promoting mental health. Bring these items into us and we will pass them along to someone in need.  


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